About us

We are Ning-Ning and Boris, sommeliers, tea addicts, tea hunters and a tea culture clash.

Ning-Ning, born and raised in Beijing, drinks tea like water, in the manner of her father. Preferably pure and as natural as possible.

Ning-Ning – ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier

Boris likes Chinese black teas, delicate white teas and Oolongs from Taiwan. Recently he discovered his passion for rare Korean tea.

Boris – ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier

Our mission

We find and bring rare specialty teas of the highest quality from around the world to you. We present the teas to you not only as a beverage, but as a cultural asset and experience. With a carefully selected range of products and many valuable hints and background information, we help anyone to deep dive into the world of tea.

Our principles


We only offer teas which we like to drink ourselves and which do us good. We disclaim any tea with artificial or natural flavours. Tea should taste like tea. Our quality standards are very high. Only with 100% conviction we add new products to our portfolio.

Partnership and fairness

We appreciate the work of our partners. We strive to ensure maximum fairness to them and to establish close and long term relationship with them over the entire value chain.

Direct Sourcing

We focus on teas that we order directly from the producer. Where this is not possible, we source teas from wholesalers who specialise in regions interesting to us and working closely with the producers. You’ll never get bored with our teas as we continuously provide for diversity and variety. In addition to our core selection we are always looking for new highlights and present them regularly.

Liberal tea consumption

We despise thermometers, kitchen scales and strict rules. Instead we recommand you to keep experimenting. Drinking tea should be fun and relaxing. Our motto is therefore: Tea Cup, Cheer Up.

Top service

We offer excellent customer service. If you want to talk to us about tea, your order or if you have feedback, write us an email to or visit our social media sites. We’ll be happy to help.

Transparent, personal and interactive communication

Social media is our primary communication channel. Whether on Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest, we are looking forward to meeting you there.