teabento meets N’Eis

teabento meets N’Eis

Since November 15, teabento runs has been running a popup-store at N’Eis, the popular ice cream shop on Gartenfeldplatz in Mainz, serving a variety of teas and tea drinks, as well as delicious Japanese-French pastries.

Our opening hours: Mon to Thu, 10-16 clock. We look forward to seeing you!

It’s been fun at N’Eis! We would like to thank our guests and the entire N’Eis team for the great support and the best pop-up store location in Mainz!

Those of you who missed us, should not be sad. Soon, in the spring, when our renovation work is completed, you are invited to visit us in our own small, beautiful teahouse in Mainz. More information will follow in our blog. Stay tuned! 🙂

Many thanks to everyone who has visited us! Hope to see you again some day!



Matcha Shot pur

Ceremonial Uji Matcha, prepared in the traditional way | 3€

Matcha Americano

Matcha Shot diluted with hot water, optionally with slightly sweet agave syrup | 3€

Matcha Latte

Matcha with milk of your choice (cow, soy, almond) + agave syrup | 3€

Hot tea latte

Hojicha Latte

Hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea) with milk of your choice (cow, soy, almond) + Kuromitsu (homemade Japanese brown sugar syrup) | 2€

London Fog

Vietnam Earl Grey with milk of your choice (cow, soy, almond) and vanilla extract of genuine bourbon vanilla | 3.50€

teabento Signature Milk Tea

Strong, creamy, sweet | 3.50€

Pure whole leaf tea, new every week!

Chinese black tea (Lapsang Souchong) – smooth, sweet, dried plum, malt, oats, orange peel | 3€

Korean black tea (Balhyocha) – chocolaty, nutty, roasty, cocoa | 3€

Taiwanese Oolong (Jin Xuan) – buttery, flowery, fruity, nutty, osmanthus, peach | 3€

Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong (Shan Lin Xi Oolong) – flowery, refreshing, sweet, vegetal | 3€

Chinese green tea(Laoshan Green) – fresh, smooth, sweet, umami, roasty, vegetable, chestnuts, peas| 3€

Japanese Sencha (Yame Sencha) – refreshing, sweet, flowery, umami, beans, algae | 3€

Vietnamese white tea (Wild Silver Needle) – creamy, smoky, melon, straw | 3€

Chinese jasmine green tea (Jasmin Dragon Pearl) – refreshing, creamy, sweet, honey, jasmine, mint | 3€

Japanese-French pastries

Vanilla Chiffon Cake

Fluffy Japanese cake | 2.50€

Matcha Sandkuchen

Japanese sand cake with matcha | 2€

Earl Grey Sandkuchen

Japanese sand cake with Earl Grey | 2€

Sablé Matcha

French butter cookie with matcha | 1€

Sablé Lemon

French butter cookie with lemon | 1€

All teas and treats also to-go. You’d like to try another tea? Talk to us!

Matcha Cookie

The author

Ning-Ning Wang

ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier

Ning-Ning, born and raised in Beijing, drinks tea like water, in the manner of her father. Preferably pure and as natural as possible.

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